2018 State Of Diversity & Inclusion Report: Key Findings

2018 State Of Diversity & Inclusion Report: Key Findings

By Rebecca Schulte | August 29, 2018

To understand current attitudes around diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace, GQR conducted a survey with more than 200 global business leaders across multiple business units and industries. Some implications based on the findings are outlined below. To access the key results of the survey, read “2018 State of Diversity & Inclusion.”

Most respondents felt there is a commitment from their executive team to pursue a business case for D&I, but the diversity component is not reflected at the executive level. This finding is significant because other reports have shown a positive relationship between diverse executive teams and profitability.

Additionally, it seems like companies in the early stages of incorporating D&I into their company strategy are starting with diversity hiring. Among respondents who felt that D&I is not part of their company’s culture, “diversity hiring” was the topic they were most interested in learning more about.

The majority of respondents who feel their contributions are valued at work also feel a sense of belonging at their company. Because belonging is the next evolution of D&I, it is important to note that recognition and sense of value are pieces to the puzzle.

For more findings from the diversity and inclusion study, register to receive the full report here: https://info.gqrgm.com/diversity-and-inclusion-report


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Rebecca Schulte

Rebecca studied psychology at Loyola Marymount University, and after spending some time exploring the clinical side of psych working in mental health, she transitioned to industrial-organizational psychology.

Since joining the team, Rebecca leads the research department for Wynden Stark, GQR’s parent company, and GQR. She is responsible for internal HR data analysis and building out GQR’s People Intelligence platform as part of the company’s Client Services package.

She designs and distributes psychometric assessments and surveys for GQR, analyzing the data to produce actionable insight across various metrics like employee engagement, motivation, attraction and retention.

Rebecca is endlessly curious about human behavior and is passionate about finding different ways to measure and optimize employee success and engagement.

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