6 Ways To Revive Your Employer Branding Strategy In 2021

6 Ways To Revive Your Employer Branding Strategy In 2021

By Kirsten Robinette | November 9, 2020

A new year calls for a refresh – and your employer brand strategy should be part of that plan. A strong employee value proposition might make or break becoming an employer of choice. So, it has to be spot on. Your brand identity and recruitment function rely on your employer brand strategy to attract the right talent. Here’s how to give it a makeover as we get ready for 2021:

Evaluate It

Before you make any employer brand strategy adjustments, you need to figure out what needs to change. Consider polling your employees, unsuccessful candidates and talent community members to discover if your messaging matches your real HR brand. Prioritize realigning your communications and brand identity before making “bonus” improvements.

Consider Gen Z

According to research by BridgeWorks, a generational consulting firm, gen Z accounts for 61 million people in the US. And, born after 1996, this massive group is starting to hit the workforce. Your employer branding strategy should consider this cohort is always connected and expects to multitask. They’ve self-identified in a study as loyal, open-minded, responsible and compassionate – all of which can be incorporated into your brand identity (as long as it’s true to you).

Update Your Accolades

If you’re striving to become an employer of choice, you’ve probably been recognized throughout the year as a local best place to work or been featured in the media for your community involvement. Anything that will bolster your employment brand should be added to your website’s career page and included in social media outreach. Be proud of your accomplishments!

Think About Technology

You have to consider where technology will head in the next year to get in front of your target audience. And don’t be afraid to test out some emerging technologies to share your employment brand. Not only as a vehicle for communications, but technology should be thought about in terms of how it will lead to innovations in your business. You don’t want to give your competitive advantage away but show candidates how you’re evolving as a company.

Segment Messaging

If you have a rock-solid HR brand and it’s working swimmingly for recruitment purposes, consider taking it to the next level by segmenting your talent community. A recruitment marketing automation tool will be able to help you keep everything straight and get targeted campaign messages out to your different audiences. You may want to segment your pool by the level of interest in employment with your company or the department in which they’re interested in – or both if you’re really ambitious.

Add Ambassadors

This is an employer brand strategy upgrade that requires additional effort but that will amplify your HR brand communications. It adds a level of authenticity because it’s not just your company talking about itself – but, rather, your ambassadors who are sharing a genuine and real-time take of your organization. You have to be comfortable giving some guidelines for sharing information but providing freedom for ambassadors to be themselves.


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Kirsten Robinette

Kirsten is Executive Vice President of marketing for GQR and Wynden Stark, executing her operations out of the Los Angeles office.

She oversees GQR and Wynden Stark’s global corporate brand, communications and integrated marketing efforts and manages the expansion of GQR’s brand and marketing initiatives as the company experiences record year-over-year growth.

After graduating from Florida State University with a bachelor’s in studio art (and as a member of the FSU Marching Chiefs), Kirsten launched her career as a graphic designer at a prominent full-service marketing agency at the start of the economic recession. Here she gained the exposure and experience needed to solidify her passion for creative marketing strategies.

From this experience, Kirsten took her skills to the human capital sector by pursuing a role as the global brand manager for an award-winning recruitment process outsourcing company. Here, she initiated and executed the adoption of innovative marketing technologies, strategized a brand redesign and developed many marketing deliverables to drive brand recognition and retention.

In her spare time, Kirsten enjoys spending time with her Weimaraner Bentley – who enjoys his Fridays alongside his GQR comrades in the Los Angeles office.

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