7 Tips For Acing Your Video Interview 

April 15, 2020

As a global business placing candidates world-wide, GQR knows video interviews. And by knowing we mean, we have seen a lot of outstanding interview performances and a lot of avoidable gaffes that cost the candidate the job. Here is some of our collected wisdom, which has become more widely applicable than ever as the business world further opens up to video interviewing. 

Check Your Wi-Fi or Internet Connection 

This is of top importance now more than ever, as residential neighborhoods are seeing heavier daily use. Are there ‘dead zones’? Peak times? Outages? Use an Internet Speed Test to determine if your connection is solid. If possible, ask people in other parts of the house to refrain from streaming video and games for the duration of the interview.  

Prior to the interview, look at alternatives such as porting through your cellphone or plugging in a hardwire connection should your Wi-Fi slow down or drop entirely. We know all too often that dropped connections are a reality and your interviewer will, too. Just be sure you know how to get back online as quickly and seamlessly as possible. 

Get Comfortable with the Technology Ahead of Time 

Your interviewers may have set up a video conference solution that you are not familiar with, but don’t use not knowing as an excuse to bumble through your interview time trying to figure it out. Install the programs, read the directions, test your microphone, video and screen share capabilities and your chat function. That way your interviewers will see you as prepared rather than wasting time. 

Ask Your Recruiting Consultant For Assistance 

Your recruiting consultant is here to give you personalized guidance on interviewing in your industry and with the specific company. Wondering how to dress for the interview, the general format, the criteria on which past candidates have been evaluated? Want to practice using the platform or getting feedback on your body language? Recruiting consultants have the answers you are looking for and the means to find out more. 

Minimize Distractions 

You want the interviewers to see your bright and shiny personality, not your children’s toys, your 12 open tabs for an ongoing project, or your dirty workout clothes hanging over your treadmill. Creating a professional environment for your home interview sends a message that you are able to be completely devoted to your work. 

  • Close all programs and windows on your computer besides what you directly need for the interview. 
  • Turn off all notifications. 
  • Clean all areas behind you that will be in view and move any clutter out of the line of sight. 

Find A Private Space 

Everyone got a great laugh from the mortified BBC correspondent whose children came into his office on live television. Take some steps to try to avoid this situation as much as possible. Even more important, make sure adults give you privacy: A room with a closing door is ideal, and no loud music, television, or conversations that could carry over. If you feel it necessary, kindly request that your housemates take a walk or set up outside during the interview. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward 

Set up your camera to frame yourself from the collarbone up, straight on. Make sure your lighting is sufficient but not blinding. Being able to make virtual eye contact through video is important as well.  

Dress for an in-person interview, including, it should go without saying, the slacks or suit pants. Keep your full ritual for getting ready for an interview, down to the details like earrings, watch, cuffs, pendant and shoes. 

Use Best Practices For Interviewing 

Prepare your answers in advance. Research the company and the people interviewing you. Come up with relevant, interesting questions. Stay calm and use open body language, eye contact, and smile. All of the usual advice for interviews absolutely still applies. Check out our Insights section for all kinds of research and experience-backed advice on putting your best interview foot forward. And again, make use of your recruiter here! 


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