8 Conscious Capitalism Pledges: GQR's Commitment To Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Stay Informed On Our Commitment to Conscious Capitalism at GQR

8 Conscious Capitalism Pledges: GQR’s Commitment To Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

August 25, 2020

If we want to exist in a world where principles have meaning for everyone, then we must do more. This starts with being active allies to the Black community and anyone experiencing inequality. If we are not part of the solution, we are a part of the problem.

At the start of July, GQR introduced a series of conscious capitalism pledges, internally, in recognition of our need for enhanced education on anti-racism practices as well as how to become more inclusive, equitable and agents for change.

The eight pledges below are the outcome of these conversations. If you would like to stay informed on our progress against these pledges, we encourage you to register your interest here!

Pledge 1: Internal Talent

We will elevate diversity, equity and inclusion through conscious, proactive and educated talent acquisition practices – paired with a robust selection of recruiting partners. We will promote education to address cultural awareness and alignment to our values and value propositions with all internal and external talent acquisition collaborators.

Pledge 2: External Talent

For the benefit of minorities, underrepresented and marginalized groups, we will support enhanced growth and opportunity by sharing resources and by connecting individuals and institutions through networking and learning and development activities and events.

Pledge 3: Internship Program

We will cultivate diverse talent through paid internship programs that empower underrepresented groups to achieve their full potential while embedding equity and fairness in our work environment

Pledge 4: Learning Pathways

We believe in awareness, allegiance and activism. To raise our collective awareness, we will invest in learning opportunities for all in GQR and for interested external parties through training, eLearning and coaching.

Pledge 5: Career Equity Program

To provide a fair platform for growth in GQR, we will provide additional funding for external learning, coaching and mentoring for all underrepresented and marginalized colleagues.

Pledge 6: Supplier Review

We will work in partnership with our supplier network to promote diversity and inclusion and end discrimination while creating space for socially conscious, stakeholder-oriented businesses to emerge and flourish.

Pledge 7: Bye Bias

We aim to achieve fair and equal employment opportunities through the elimination of conscious and unconscious bias.

Pledge 8: Activism, Power hours & Paid Volunteer Time Off 

We will amplify each employee’s opportunity for meaningful impact by providing five paid volunteer, activism and community support days per year.


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