New Member Spotlight: Garie Dale, SVP Technology

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New Member Spotlight: Garie Dale, SVP Technology

September 5, 2019

This week, we sat down Garie Dale, SVP in London, specializing in  Workday® customer success, HCM, ERP/SAP, CRM and cloud technology. Garie is a newer member of the team – he previously worked for both an agency and implementation consultancy/partner. This experience gave him a unique blend and experience within client operations, hiring strategy, high-volume recruitment in growth platforms and niche Workday® subject matter expertise.

Learn more about Garie’s experience, why he joined GQR and is excited about the platform!

“Let’s start by discussing why you chose to join GQR.”

  • What made GQR stand out for you during your interview process?
    The drive and aspirations of the business aligned with my attributes and this synergy allowed me to make an informed decision.
  • What does GQR offer that was previously unavailable to you?
    GQR offers me access to a workforce that is surrounded by people who are entirely focused on being true Subject Matter Experts within their disciplines.
  • How did GQR’s strategic pillars factor into your decision to join the business?
    Specialization, Globalization, Collaboration. This is how I have historically and successfully built my Workday® market expertise. To see that those are GQR’s strategic pillars, made it a simple decision to join the business.

“Let’s talk about what your experience has been like so far.

  • How does GQR’s L&D platform compare to your last company?
    The L&D platform is comprehensive and offers new learnings that even experienced professionals will benefit from. I found the program unique in that you can opt-into trainings based on your experience level.
  • How does the idea of “success” differ at GQR from your previous employer(s)?
    Success is openly discussed and then broken down for all team members to identify with elements that have been historically proven to be successful. Success is part of the DNA of every person at GQR.
  • What do you like most about working out of the London office?
    I enjoy being a part of collective excellence; everybody has real drive, hunger, thirst for knowledge and the desire to be better and do better.

“How about we dive a bit more into your background?”

  • What are the top three biggest misconceptions surrounding talent acquisition?
  • An excellent salary attracts top performers
    Compensation is one of those things that candidates will look for when applying to jobs, but, if you want top performers to be interested and apply for your vacancies, money alone is not sufficient. Some people work for personal fulfillment or to accomplish goals and feel as if they are contributing to something meaningful. Others truly love what they do, or like change and challenge. Therefore, offering the right/competitive salary is important. Moreover, other factors such as the company’s reputation, opportunities for training and career progression, rewards and recognition are also extremely crucial in attracting top talent.
  • Experienced candidates should always get the job
    Hiring the right people in the first place is a sure way to decrease turnover. That said, it is essential to choose those people who share the company’s values, in addition to having the right skill-sets. Additionally, looking for individuals who fit within the corporate culture is just as important as finding someone who has all the skills desired. Unfortunately, many companies tend to settle for individuals who lack the necessary dedication but, are a perfect fit for the job requirements rather than those who are passionate, driven and a great culture fit.
  • Recruiting Talent Stops At Hiring
    Effective organisations extend the acquisition process into the onboarding process as recruiting and retaining the best people in an increasingly competitive market is a strategic priority. The average skilled employee knows within 3-6 months whether they will remain long-term in an organisation. Moreover, an effective onboarding program can have a significant impact on turnover and should never reduce to a simple administrative process. That said, retaining talent is as important as acquiring it, while much cheaper than always recruiting new employees. There are a lot of brilliant candidates out there and finding the perfect fit for a company lays in the hands of every employer looking for talent. So, be wise, follow these guidelines and make a good investment in your company’s future!
  • What is the biggest misconception about the Workday® market?
    So many recruitment businesses believe it’s easy to jump onto a growth market and be successful, like Workday®. Historically, many recruitment businesses are reactive to growth and demand for Workday® deployments and profess to be Workday® experts when in fact they are in the infancy of knowledge, capability and success. For me, having the depth and experience (since 2012) in the Workday® recruitment market has allowed me to provide an unrivaled level of experience (and I have learned from my mistakes). Many companies have had no guidance or defined strategy on building and organising their Workday® teams, or have enough time. Additionally, they are not seeing enough truly qualified Workday® candidates and suffer from team attrition.
  • What does a typical day-in-the-life of a recruiter look like?
    It all starts the previous evening when a good recruiter plans the following day’s activity. When working to a defined structure, it allows proper time management and provides you the opportunity to complete tasks needed in order of priority. After all, we are a business and here to earn from our efforts, so it makes sense to plan, speak to people that want to hire, need to hire, can hire and the candidates that want to make those illustrious moves. Often, out of core hours meetings take place with clients and candidates and we have to be flexible to meet the demands of our industry and market. Moreover, going the extra mile is key and a necessity if we want to exceed expectations and gain rewards and recognition based on our efforts

“Let’s get a little personal…”

  • Tell us something that might surprise us about you.
    I am a former National Judo competitor and Southern England U71KG champion. At 50 years old, I still maintain a 78kg frame.
  • What book(s) is currently on your nightstand?
    The Five Temptations Of A CEO by Patrick Lencioni


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