New Member Spotlight: Lucas Rowe, SA Transmission & Distribution

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New Member Spotlight: Lucas Rowe, SA Transmission & Distribution

May 16, 2019

This week, we sat down with Lucas Rowe, a Senior Associate for the Transmission & Distribution team within the Energy & Engineering Division out of Los Angeles.

Learn more about Lucas’s experience, why he joined GQR and is excited about the platform!

“Let’s start by discussing why you chose to join GQR.”

  • What made GQR stand out for you during your interview process?
    Understanding the performance of GQR’s talent specialists and realizing it is much higher than other firms I am familiar with. Also, its business model is much more strategic and thorough than the competition!
  • How did GQR’s culture code factor into your decision to join the business?
    The culture of ambition at the company was a huge influence on my decision to join. I craved the opportunity to work in a high-performance environment, as I believed this would benefit my personal performance. So far, I’ve been right!
  • How did GQR’s strategic pillars factor into your decision to join?
    The specialization and collaboration models that define GQR’s strategic approach highlighted, for me, elements to focus on to reach the next phase of my career. Knowing I would have guidance and development along this journey helped solidify my decision to join the firm. Further, many recruitment firms claim to be specialists in their industry, but GQR truly understands its markets in depth, which is evident in their client relationships.
  • What did you appreciate the most about GQR’s onboarding process?
    I appreciated the availability of the internal recruiters I was accustomed to liaising with and the rest of the team members providing advice throughout my relocation process. The transition to Los Angeles was quite straightforward, as the office has several British expats who recently made the same move and were able to guide me in my relocation.

“Let’s talk about what your experience has been like so far.

  • How does the idea of “success” differ at GQR from your previous employer(s)?
    One key difference I’ve observed is that the minimum performance expectations at GQR would have been classified as “elite” performance at my previous employer.
  • What has surprised you the most about GQR upon joining?
    The normalcy of specialists making very high-value placements, regularly, particularly at the c-suite level.
  • What do you like most about working out of the Los Angeles office?
    You don’t see any stragglers in the LA office. Everyone is ambitious and motivated toward self-improvement and high-performance. This makes it a very exciting environment to be a part of!

“How about we dive a bit more into your background?”

  • Highlight one thing you’ve mastered in terms of industry expertise and/or recruitment.
    Tenacity – having the mindset to constantly create forward momentum and not get hung up on small challenges.

“Let’s get a little personal…”

  • Tell us something that might surprise us about you.
    Prior to becoming a recruitment specialist, I competed for Great Britain on their judo team.


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