Embrace Diversity & Inclusion: The Top D&I Must-Reads For 2019

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Embrace Diversity & Inclusion: The Top D&I Must-Reads For 2019

By Rebecca Schulte | February 25, 2019

We publish a lot of information around Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. It’s already well-established just how important and meaningful these topics are. When it comes to actioning workplace solutions around D&I, a commitment to continuous learning is essential. It’s important to know what you don’t know, and proactively self-educate.

Let’s start off with some tips and guidelines for this mindset, and then you’ll see a thorough list of readings and resources you can leverage as you continue to develop your understanding of and relationship with D&I.

Tips & Guidelines


  • Air On The Side Of Curiosity

Having an opinion isn’t the only way to participate in the conversation. If you’re not confident in a subject relating to D&I, get curious about it.

  • Avoid Making Assumptions

Try not to make assumptions about someone else’s opinion, someone else’s personal experience or someone else’s identity.

  • Continuous Learning Is Key

D&I is a popular topic, and consequently, there is a breadth of educational information available for your consumption (up next!).

  • Think About The Context

D&I doesn’t exist in a vacuum – priorities, focuses, or perceptions around D&I can depend on culture/nationality/demographic. For example, a Deloitte study revealed that millennials define D&I very differently than other generations.

Readings & Resources

Check out these must-reads surrounding D&I:



Whitepaper: 2018 State of Diversity & Inclusion Report



Blog: How To Measure The Business Value Of Diversity & Inclusion



Blog: Belonging – The Next Evolution Of Diversity & Inclusion



Blog: Women At Work: The Power Of Women Supporting Each Other In The Workplace



Blog: The Relationship Between Global Mobility And Diversity & Inclusion



Training Resource: LinkedIn training on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging lead by Pat Wadors



Training Resource: TED Talk: Implicit Bias – How It Affects Us & How We Push Through by Melanie Funchess



Training Resource: Ted Talk: Practical Diversity – Taking Inclusion From Theory To Practice by Dawn Bennett-Alexander



Whitepaper: McKinsey’s 2018 Delivering Through Diversity Report



Whitepaper: Gallup’s 2018 Three Requirements For A Diverse And Inclusive Culture Report



Blog: HBR’s Diversity Doesn’t Stick Without Inclusion



Blog: Deloitte’s Diversity and Inclusion: The Reality Gap



Podcast: Deloitte  The Six Signature Traits Of Inclusive Leadership



Book: Inclusion: Diversity, The New Workplace & The Will To Change by Jennifer Brown



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About the Author
Rebecca Schulte

Rebecca studied psychology at Loyola Marymount University, and after spending some time exploring the clinical side of psych working in mental health, she transitioned to industrial-organizational psychology.

Since joining the team, Rebecca leads the research department for Wynden Stark, GQR’s parent company, and GQR. She is responsible for internal HR data analysis and building out GQR’s People Intelligence platform as part of the company’s Client Services package.

She designs and distributes psychometric assessments and surveys for GQR, analyzing the data to produce actionable insight across various metrics like employee engagement, motivation, attraction and retention.

Rebecca is endlessly curious about human behavior and is passionate about finding different ways to measure and optimize employee success and engagement.

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