Why Employer Branding Matters Now & In the Future

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Why Employer Branding Matters Now & In the Future

By Carly Stone | July 29, 2019

Employment branding is not new. Some accounts say the term came on scene before the new millennium. But, before going through the motions, did you ever wonder why employment branding matters? And, while it’s helpful to know how your employer branding strategy is helping your company now, it might be even more important to know what it will do for you in the future.

Read on. (It may just inspire you to reach the employer of choice status you been striving for.)


Candidates know they have choices in an employer these days. And, because they have options, they can be picky. How can you blame them? They want – above all else – a good fit. (And so should you!) A solid employee value proposition and brand identity help them make that match. So, for recruitment, employment branding matters.

Getting them in the door is only one piece of the puzzle. But, once they’re employees, you need to keep them interested and engaged. It’s important so they don’t go looking for the next best thing. To stay an employer of choice, retaining employees should be a top priority. Fostering a true HR brand around a strong employee value proposition allows employees to make a connection to your company. So, for company culture, employment branding matters.

People want to see inside your operations. They want to see how your company treats its people. Is your company culture fun? This isn’t just a curiosity of candidates, it includes customers. People want to support companies that are inherently good. And being authentic and encouraging your employees to be brand ambassadors will help you show your true colors. So, for customer confidence, employment branding matters.


We’re all talking about the future of work, which means a desire for flexible work arrangements and schedules, technology-enabled operations and virtual work environments. If you want to attract people who will fit into what the future of work looks like at your company, you need to share it. And the way to do that is a well-thought-out employer brand strategy. So, for your company’s future, employment branding matters.

Transparency is becoming increasingly important. In this technology-driven world, we expect it. Having brand ambassadors shows those outside your organization that you’re not afraid for employees to talk about you – and, unfiltered. This allows other employees, candidates and customers to have trust in you. So, for trust, employment branding matters.


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About the Author
Carly Stone

Carly is Associate Vice President of marketing for GQR and Wynden Stark operating out of the Los Angeles office.

She provides marketing support to GQR and Wynden Stark’s global corporate brand, communications and integrated marketing efforts.

After graduating from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences with an emphasis in Communications, Carly launched her career in marketing within the real estate sector serving as a Digital, Marketing Coordinator. Here she gained exposure to strategic marketing tools and best practices that enable her to maximize engagement and return across a variety of distribution channels.

From this experience, Carly follows her passion for marketing and staying abreast of cutting-edge technologies to optimize her efforts. She brings her vast knowledge of marketing strategies and techniques to GQR’s Mission Control team.

Outside of work, Carly enjoys being outdoors, live music and watching her favorite show Shark Tank on ABC.

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