[Entrepreneur] Stop Fixating On The 'Artificial' In AI Because It's Actually An Evolution Of Our Own Intelligence

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[Entrepreneur] Stop Fixating On The ‘Artificial’ In AI Because It’s Actually An Evolution Of Our Own Intelligence

August 5, 2019

Like many people, we often feel apprehension when we hear or read the phrase “artificial intelligence (AI).” The expression sometimes evokes a fear that AI will replace people’s jobs. However, there’s nothing artificial about intelligence; AI is real. It’s an extension of human intelligence that’s guided by people. For those that fear AI, it’s actually most likely to save your life. For example, AI is used in healthcare to eliminate administrative tasks so that professionals can focus more on the patient’s outcomes. People will begin to understand and adopt AI technology as they continue to encounter applications that positively affect their lives.

While this may sometimes mean AI replaces mundane human tasks in specific jobs, it more often means that machines are working side-by-side with people for the greater benefit.

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