Healthcare Recruitment: The Benefits of Being A Travel Nurse In 2021

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Healthcare Recruitment: The Benefits of Being A Travel Nurse In 2021

April 12, 2021

No one was prepared for the events that occurred during 2020. As a result of COVID-19, the healthcare world was spun upside down. Before the pandemic, there was a nationwide nurse shortage, and it has only gotten worse. When faced with multiple job opportunities, a nurse may choose a permanent or contract position. I have seen an increasing need for contract and traveling nurses in 2021. Facilities nationwide seek travel nurses to sign contracts to fill shortage gaps in all units, including the ICU, ER, and Med/Surg. As a healthcare recruitment specialist, let me shed light on some of the benefits of taking a contract job over a permanent role.

Flexible Lifestyle

Travel nursing is great for those who are seeking a more flexible lifestyle. Contracts typically span 6-13 weeks in length. Rather than being locked into one specific facility for long periods of time, travel nurses can explore different facilities in various places around the country. Another benefit to being a travel nurse is that you have the ability to pick and choose when you are on contract and when you are not. This allows you to have more autonomy with your time – more time with family, personal travel opportunities, etc.

Avoid Hospital Politics 

Another huge benefit of travel nursing is you tend to avoid hospital politics. Due to each facility’s length of commitment, you are not obligated to join committees and are not forced into meetings. Your focus is where it should be and/or where you want it to be: on patient care. If you prefer keeping your head down and getting the job done without participating in unit bureaucracy, travel nursing is for you.

Compensation & Benefits

Travel nurses have the opportunity to earn more than nurses in full-time permanent positions.  Of course, compensation varies with each assignment and experience level. Overall, pay packages are typically higher and include additional perks like travel reimbursements, overtime pay, non-taxed income, and more.

Opportunities For Growth

Lastly, travel nursing gives you an amazing opportunity for personal and professional growth, with the ability to work at all different types of facilities across the nation. You gain experience in a wide breadth of critical care cases, patients, technology, and medical techniques. As if these reasons are not enough, you get to meet and learn from other incredible nurses.

If you are an individual who thrives off of exploration, education and working hard, there is no question that travel nursing is a fantastic fit for you. Reach out to GQR for assistance in matching you with the perfect contract job.


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