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The Technology division at GQR represents a select portfolio of companies ranging from multinational financial institutions to early-stage high-tech startups.

Our team is formed of technologists who have a passion for the areas they work in and are well versed in industry trends and opportunities within the market.

Leveraging this experience, we are experts in identifying highly-qualified talent across the globe for cutting-edge software, data and technology-driven organizations.

Technology Specialisms

Software Development
Algorithmic Execution Development, Front Office Application Development, Performance Optimization Engineering and Blockchain/Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Development
Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, Storage and Support, DevOps and FPGA Developers
Business Intelligence
Tableau, QlikView, Business Objects, Cognos and Power BI

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Data Science
Data Scientists, Machine Learning and Data Analytics/Big Data

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Project Services
Agile Practitioners, Project Owners/Product Managers, Business Analysts/Project Managers, Risk Managers and Change Management
Senior Appointments
CTO, CIO and Heads of Business Areas/Technology Streams
ERP / HCM / Cloud
Workday, SuccessFactors, MS Dynamics, Netsuite, Salesforce, Azure/AWS and ServiceNow

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Technology Team

Our Team

Connect with cloud, AI, big data and other GQR Technology experts.

Amanda Kim
New York
Angelo Amenta
New York
Antonio Tatano
New York
Ara Ellison
Los Angeles
Cameron Marett
Chris Hurley
New York
Colin O’Neill
New York
Declan Reed
Gavin Megnauth
Los Angeles
Hashaam Masood
New York
Ismail Temsamani
Los Angeles
Jared Stone
Joel Sichel
Los Angeles
Joshua Fitzgerald
New York
Kyle Wiltshire
Lee Hills
New York
Luke Habersetzer
New York
Maxwell Lennon
Los Angeles
Olly Thompson
Theo Schneider
New York

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