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Akay Bechet

Senior Vice President

Akay is Senior Vice President of the Banking & Finance division in Los Angeles, specializing in Legal in the United States predominantly focused on M&A and investment and advisory and global macro strategy.

Within the macro research space, he cultivates exclusive relationships with the world’s top-tier buy- and sell-side clients. This experience and his relentless commitment to locating the most talented macro economists, fundamental research analysts and market strategists led him to further entrench GQR’s investment and advisory team as a market leader.

The success of the investment and advisory space opened doors for Akay to strategically advise his team in placing M&A and private equity professionals globally.

Akay achieved a master’s in finance and investment and was keen to apply his knowledge to a role that matched his entrepreneurial nature.

At GQR, he has found remarkable success in connecting candidates and clients with elite solutions tailored to their goals.

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