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Ebony Seymour, MBA

Associate Vice President

Ebony Seymour is an Energy and Engineering specialist operating out of the Los Angeles office and leads the Renewable Energy Development and Investment team.

She partners with clients to identify top tier talent in the renewable energy market and provides strategic insight into the motivations and aspirations of candidates looking to join their teams. Clients range from developers, Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Private Equity Firms and Investment and Advisory firms.

Ebony is equally enthusiastic in her approach to matching candidates with unique roles in her market. She is diligent in uncovering their career objectives, unique selling points, development opportunities and ideal cultural preferences to help them achieve long-term success.

She is passionate about professional development – specifically in supporting women and D&I causes along her journey. Ebony is a proud member of the WRISE Los Angeles Chapter as the Director of Professional Development.

Ebony graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. She later obtained an MBA in Business Management and Marketing from Franklin University. In her spare time, Ebony is a freelance web designer and small business consultant, where she helps create a web presence, branding and marketing strategies. She enjoys creative projects, mentoring and reading self-help and investment literature.

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