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Hannah Roberts

Executive Vice President

Hannah Roberts is a Executive Vice President of R&D recruitment within the Life Sciences industry. Her primary specialism is identifying elite scientific talent across research, preclinical and translational development. She manages a sizable internal team of recruiters that also support these areas.

Hannah works in partnership with growing biotechs that focus on bringing novel technologies to market. She serves as a key strategic advisor for these firms, especially while they are still establishing their HR and Talent Acquisition practices. She possesses the innate ability to dive deep into the technical nuances of a job description and then pair it with highly-skilled scientists. She is also uniquely adept at managing the logistics of a process, creating continuity and structure via her consultative approach. This enables her clients to make faster hires with fewer hurdles.

Hannah’s core candidate network spans a variety of key R&D functional areas including: biology, immunology, toxicology, in vivo pharmacology, biomarker development, clinical pharmacology, DMPK, clinical science and clinical development. Her client network centers around the most innovative niches of therapeutic development across multiple therapeutic areas. A few of her key focuses are within cell and gene therapy, oncology and immuno-oncology.

Prior to joining GQR, Hannah worked in sales and marketing roles at companies such as NBC Universal, Northwestern Mutual and a boutique digital marketing agency. Hannah graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She participated in two elite international business programs in Shanghai and Vienna, and graduated with a B.A. in business administration with a minor in communication.


“I certainly appreciate the high quality candidates but what is really great is that Hannah comes willing to be a thought partner, to help us strategize and make decisions. Hannah and I have had difficult conversations, and I appreciate not every conversation is not always going to be easy. Hannah is very solutions-oriented and reasonable which is why she is so great to work with.”

– Director, Human Resourcesat a venture-backed biotech in Cambridge, MA

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