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Katie Litwin

Executive Vice President

Katie Litwin is an Executive Vice President within Life Sciences in New York, specializing in working with professionals in Regulatory Affairs who are driving the next era of drug development.

Her network is made up of individuals who work on innovative approaches to the world’s most pressing diseases to deliver therapies and cures to patients everywhere.

Katie’s ability to identify the highly-specialized backgrounds required for a career in Regulatory Affairs have translated to an impressive track record of placing senior-level executives in this field.

What makes GQR’s Life Sciences team stand out the most is their sincere passion for science in each company they are involved in working with. The team’s ability to build long-term relationships with experts in the space have made them genuinely knowledgeable about where the best talent is located.

Katie is a dual citizen to the U.S. and Canada. Outside of work, she is passionate about traveling, outdoors and trying new restaurant and recipes!

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“I found Katie very engaging and well versed in the role and employer, especially for a Regulatory position. I have had many recruiters call to place for Regulatory roles that have no knowledge of the Regulatory field and it is very difficult to obtain a clear understanding of the role and expectations.”

– Life Sciences Candidate


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