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Michael Molony

Vice President

Mike is Vice President within Technology in Austin, specializing in cloud computing, data engineering, data science and security engineering.

Mike is extremely well connected among the top software engineers and data scientists throughout Silicon Valley’s most esteemed companies. He specializes in enabling the transfer of talent from the valley to Wall Street’s most advanced investment and infrastructure teams.

He and his team have homed in on the world’s most elite developers skilled in C++, Python, Scala, Java Data, Kafka, MongoDB, Spark, Hadoop, cloud and more. The team’s exclusive connections have placed them as ambassadors to elite institutions across the United States.

Mike grew up in Ealing, West London, attending St. Benedict’s School and discovering his passion for rugby. He achieved his bachelor’s Honours degree in history from the University of Liverpool, where he harnessed the entrepreneurial spirit that brought him to GQR.

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