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Parth Jani

Associate Vice President

Parth is Associate Vice President within Technology in Los Angeles, specializing in technical infrastructure.

He works across a geographically distributed client list within technology, investment management, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. His network of elite clientele gives him access to the most compelling projects in the world.

Harnessing his vast knowledge recruiting for premiere technology firms throughout London, Parth has a proven track record of impacting business with professional data scientists, engineers and analytics experts.

He and his team have skillfully placed hundreds of elite talent into one-of-a-kind technological positions in distributed systems and software engineering.

Following his passion for technology, Parth moved from London to Los Angeles to tap into the California tech market and work alongside industry leaders. He now leads the company’s quant, tech and data team, focusing on technical infrastructure.

Parth graduated with a bachelor’s in politics from the University of Kent, where he participated in the University of London Officer Training Corps. On his downtime, he enjoys sailing and windsurfing.

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