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William Surmeli

Vice President

Will is Vice President within Systematic Technology in New York, specializing in systematic technology within electronic trading.

His efforts focus on the development and performance-engineering requirements of the world’s most highly regarded systematic and electronic trading groups.

Will has grown partnerships with elite hedge funds, investment banks and electronic trading houses throughout his years in talent acquisition. He has brought the world’s most skilled quantitative trading and technology talent to the forefront of the financial technology division.

As his team continues to expand, his area of coverage has grown to encompass the data science and engineering requirements that exist across the buy side and in high-impact technology projects within the investment banking space as well as other GQR industries, including Life Sciences, Energy & Engineering and Technology.

Will is an avid traveler, with a truly adventurous outlook and a thirst for knowledge that keeps him abreast of the market trends that influence the development of highly technical revenue streams.

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