[Podcast] A4N Episode 4: Automated Cancer Detection & Self–Driving Cars with Dr. Rasmus Rothe

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[Podcast] A4N Episode 4: Automated Cancer Detection & Self–Driving Cars with Dr. Rasmus Rothe

By Jon Krohn | August 27, 2020

In the fourth installment of the A4N Podcast, Jon Krohn and Dr. Rasmus Rothe discuss Merantix, the world’s first AI Venture Studio, which Dr. Rasmus co-founded in 2016.

Dr. Rasmus Rothe is a German native and co-founder of Merantix of the world’s first AI-focused venture studio. Merantix has already launched three successful AI-driven companies with three more operating in stealth and raised an additional EUR 25 MM in 2020 to continue to apply world-class AI research to solving practical issues.


In this podcast, discover a bit more about:


  • How Merantix companies are shaping the future by applying machine learning to automating cancer detection, training self-driving cars, and more!




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About the Author
Jon Krohn

Dr. Jon Krohn is GQR’s Chief Data Scientist, based out of New York.

As the Chief Data Scientist, he manages scientists and engineers in order to devise intuitive and efficient machine learning algorithms for embedding within products and processes. Dr. Krohn’s particular specialization is data modeling approaches that involve passing the natural language of billions of documents through deep neural networks.

The algorithms he has designed automate aspects of millions of job applications made worldwide each year. He accelerates hiring managers’ capacity to fill their vacancies and the speed with which recruitment consultants can identify roles that candidates are perfectly suited for.

Blue-chip corporates have done global searches across hundreds of vendors that automate recruitment and Krohn’s models placed first. Third-party investigations of his models have found they offer orders of magnitude accuracy improvements relative to their existing approaches. Large HR tech platforms trust these algorithms that lie behind their screens. Krohn has published his results and applied for a patent, with more patents to come.

Dr. Krohn’s first book, Deep Learning Illustrated, was published in 2019 and became an instant #1 bestseller that was translated into six languages. He’s renowned for his lectures at Columbia University, New York University, the NYC Data Science Academy, prestigious industry conferences, and a range of digital channels including his reliably sold-out 600-person classes in the O’Reilly learning platform. He holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Oxford and has published on machine learning in leading academic journals since 2010; his papers have been cited over a thousand times.


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