[Podcast] A4N Episode 3: Saving the Oceans & SuperDataScience with Kirill Eremenko

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[Podcast] A4N Episode 3: Saving the Oceans & SuperDataScience with Kirill Eremenko

August 3, 2020

In the third episode of the A4N Podcast, Jon Krohn and Vince Petaccio and guest host Kirill Eremenko discuss how machine learning is being used to understand and preserve ocean marine life.

Eremenko is a Russian-born Australian and is the Founder/CEO of SuperDataScience, an online educational portal for Data Scientists seeking to “make the complex simple.” He is also the Co-Founder of BlueLifeAI, Founder of the DataScienceGo conference, and host of his own podcast!

In this podcast, discover a bit more about:


  • Creating successful data science-focused businesses with the extraordinary Kirill Eremenko
  • Breaking news on how machine learning is being deployed to understand and protect ocean marine life.




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