[TechCrunch] Researchers Developed A Sensing System To Constantly Track The Performance Of Workers

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[TechCrunch] Researchers Developed A System To Constantly Track Performance

July 11, 2019

Researchers have come up with a mobile-sensing system that can track and rate the performance of workers. This research team used a mobile-sensing system to track 750 U.S. workers for one year and through this discovery, the system was able to tell the difference between high performers and low performers with 80% accuracy.

You’re probably wondering, how this is tracked? The mobile-sensing system has a few distinct pieces. A smartphone tracks physical activity, location, phone use and ambient light. Further monitoring occurs through a fitness tracker as well as a location tracker, which looks at the time spent at work and home and how often breaks are taken.

Then, cloud-based machine learning algorithms are used to classify performance levels for the workers participating in the study.

The goal of this research is to provide employees insight into their physical, emotional and behavioral well-being. But, will workers feel under constant surveillance?

Learn more about mobile-sensing performance tracking from TechCrunch’s original article.


See this original article on techcrunch.


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