3 Ways You Can Prevent Burnout & Improve Your Productivity

August 19, 2019

In today’s workforce, employers don’t just need to engage employees; they have to make sure they are happy to avoid burnout. A recent Gallup survey found that the average American worker puts in 47 hours at the office each week. For startup founders, this number often goes even higher, which can lead to added physical and emotional strain – and burnout.

Many may think burnout is caused by working too hard or too much. But hard work isn’t always what causes burnout. Rather, burnout is typically a result of feeling a lack of control, extremes of activity and an improper work-life balance. There are many steps you can take to help prevent burnout, and get back on track if you identify the initial feelings of burnout.

Start Everyday Smart & With A Routine 

Starting the day on your terms with a routine that works for you is key to helping prevent burnout. Remember, when establishing your morning routine that it is yours, and not someone else’s. Tailor it to what feels right for you to start your morning with a healthy, focused start. Some suggestions include:

  • Wake up early to work out or meditate
  • Set out everything you need the night before, so you aren’t scrambling in the morning to get ready and out the door
  • Set your goals and to-do lists before opening your email so that it is tailored to what you need to accomplish, not what is driven by outside forces and what other people need from you
  • Focus on the activities you need to complete to feel successful
  • Eat a healthy balanced breakfast

Maintain A Work-Life Balance

It is easy to get sucked into the demands of work and forget to maintain a healthy work-life balance. But, according to House Method, finding a healthy balance between home-life and work is crucial to your mental health and productivity.

  • Plan and commit to doing at least one activity outside of the office each day to have more mental energy when you return to work
  • Plan dinners with family and friends during the week and stick to it
  • Adopt a pet to provide accountability and balance between home and work
  • Find an activity outside of work that makes you happy – promising to make time for the activities you enjoy gives you something to look forward to when work feels overwhelming
  • Explore programs that can help with stress such as yoga, meditation or tai chi

Focus On Your Physical Health As Well As Mental Health

It’s easy to lose sight of your own health and well-being when you are busy building a business or working to thrive in your role, especially when you enjoy it. But the long-term impact can drain you and lead to burnout a lot faster. Be sure to schedule a time for regular physical activity. Not only will your body feel better, but it will also help you manage stress and take your mind off work. Commit to a good night of sleep. This helps restore vitality and protects your health. A healthy body is a healthy mind, no matter how busy it is at work.

These are all some suggestions for ways to help prevent burnout while building a successful business or work-life. Be sure to find a balance in life that translates into feelings of stability and control at work and you can head off those feelings of burnout.


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