The Top 10 Job Skills To Learn Before 2022

The Top 10 Job Skills To Learn Before 2022

By Charlotte Jackson | January 28, 2019

Whether you have a job and want to keep it or you’re looking to upgrade your career over the next few years, it’s time to take notice of what future skills will be in demand. According to the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs Report,” 84% of respondents plan to hire new staff to address the work skills gap and 72% plan to retrain existing employees. Technology is a driver for the shifting skills need, especially automation technology.

Key to the success of companies in the future of work is an agile workforce, one that is motivated to upskill and continuously retrain. The “Future of Jobs Report” found that only about 30% of employees in today’s job roles with the highest probability of technological disruption have received professional training in the past year. But employers reported no less than 54% of all employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling by 2022. The majority expect training to last six months.

To get a jumpstart on learning the good skills to have as we near 2022, check out this list of job skills:

Analytical thinking and innovation: This requires analyzing information and using and applying creative thinking to come up with solutions for work-related problems.

Active learning and learning strategies: This requires an understanding of the implications of new information for problem-solving and decision-making, as well as selecting training methods for instruction.

Creativity, originality and initiative: This requires a willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges and the ability to develop smart ways to solve problems. It expects workers to make decisions on their own and try out their own ideas.

Technology design and programming: This requires writing computer programs and adapting equipment and technology to serve user needs.

Critical thinking and analysis: This requires using logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses of approaches to problems then assessing the effectiveness of the solutions.

Complex problem-solving: This requires developing and evaluating options and implementing solutions.

Leadership and social influence: This requires the ability to offer opinions and direction, as well as displaying influential energy to others in the organization.

Emotional intelligence: This requires being cooperative, having concern for others and understanding why people have the reactions they do.

Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation: This requires generating ideas and manipulating information in problem-solving as well as having quantitative abilities.

Systems analysis and evaluation: This requires considering the costs and benefits of potential actions and choosing the one that results in the best outcome.





About the Author
Charlotte Jackson

Charlotte is head of Talent Acquisition and Learning & Development in Sydney.

She is not only responsible for recruiting top talent for GQR’s Sydney teams, but spearheads the training of all individuals on GQR’s unique platforms and methodologies. She hires associate- through director-level individuals to carry out the company’s mission and conducts staff trainings.

Charlotte’s experience spans the development of a technology team for a large organization to recruiting highly sought-after talent for some of the world’s most elite firms.

Following her tenure in external recruitment, she decided to pursue her true passion within talent acquisition and Learning & Development. She joined GQR to follow that passion.

Charlotte lives a global lifestyle, having grown up between Canterbury, U.K., and Connecticut in the U.S. She attended King’s Canterbury, the oldest school in Europe, where she received her bachelor’s. She followed that ambitious pursuit with a master’s from the University of the West of England as a top scholar among her graduating class.

She has enjoyed many excursions throughout Africa, backpacked in Nepal, island-hopped through the Bahamas and toured Asia.

Charlotte loves going to museums and plays and has a special interest in historical architecture.

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