Why GQR Focuses On Permanent Nursing Placements


Why GQR Focuses On Permanent Nursing Placements

By Jon Griffith | February 13, 2020

The job market for nurses, notably Registered Nurses (RNs) with Bachelor’s Degrees, is at a high growth point. The rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) insured to care for over 20 million people. This surged the need for nurses nationwide; with 1.1 million new RN jobs being created in the U.S. by 2022 as the population increases and specifically as Boomers age into requiring increased care. Furthermore, over half-million currently employed registered nurses primarily of the Boomer generation are set to retire by 2022. People assume that there are a lot of nurses and that this wouldn’t affect but, the field is so short on qualified nurses that 70% start to feel burnout with their jobs.

The need to hire nurses is only part of the story, though. The other part is the patient experience that is negatively impacted by attempts to fill the gaps. Hospitals attempt to fill the need for more nurses by recruiting traveling nurses. Traveling nurses are temporary nurses on contract for 13 weeks or a little over three months. Anyone who has ever started a new position can relate to the fact that there is always a huge learning curve for most-if, not all of that time. Granted, traveling nurses are adapted to learning quickly and can make the most of stressful situations because they know they are only invested for 13 weeks. But it essentially adds constant new hire training to the already strained workload of permanent staff nurses. What the patients see, though, is a lower quality of care because even though traveling nurses are qualified, they are not well trained with the particulars of that hospital. Furthermore, as more hospitals become magnet hospitals with specialties, traveling nurses remain mostly generalists without all the certifications to do the specialized work required. When a traveling nurse moves on, patients are often distressed that the nurses they developed a relationship with are no longer with the hospital.

When people unfamiliar with the industry find out about these short-term traveling nurse positions, they often assume that such jobs are lower-wage temp positions. They most certainly are not. Traveling nurses routinely receive $100 to $150 per hour! The difficulties involved in consistently being open to new training, relocating always, including to less -desirable locations, along with tough schedules, mean that traveling nurses earn big compensation for what they do. While the compensation is fair for the hardship a traveling nurse goes through, the truth is that permanent placements are less expensive to the hospital, better for the patients, and a better quality of life for the nurses themselves. As healthcare recruiters for registered nursing jobs, we use our experience, connections and expertise to place top qualified registered nurses in incredible permanent job placements. This is a WIN for everyone!

The field of healthcare, particularly nursing, presents special challenges from a recruiting standpoint, which is why most recruiters avoid it. GQR looks at it differently: We seek to disrupt the traveling nurse market by matching permanent nurses with one-of-a-kind opportunities. As a company that believes in the Triple Bottom Line—People, Planet, Profit—we recognize a business opportunity that genuinely helps people is an accurate measure of success.

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About the Author
Jon Griffith

Jon is an Executive Vice President, within the Healthcare division, operating out of GQR’s Los Angeles office.

He leads a stellar group of professionals working across California within Hospitals, Health Systems and Medical Groups. His dynamic team provides a significant impact to an extensive network of nursing professionals, and the patients they serve, by accessing talent that truly cares.

With a passion for growing teams and developing talent based on individual strengths, Jon has led significant growth in both the Healthcare and Accounting/Finance spaces throughout California and Texas. As both an individual contributor and a strategic leader, he has impacted the lives of hundreds of candidates and clients through the skillful matching of talent and organizations.

Following his passion for leadership in the healthcare space, Jon joined GQR to work alongside industry leaders in specialized recruitment to learn and grow both personally and professionally. He now has the opportunity to lead the company’s healthcare specialization, focusing on direct hire clinical roles.

His personal mantra is: OWN THE DASH. The two most insignificant days of your life are the day you were born and the day you pass away. On your tombstone, in between those dates, is a dash. This represents the life you lived and your legacy. Make your dash count every day!

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