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Joel Sichel

Vice President

Joel Sichel is Vice President of Banking and finance operating out of the Los Angeles office. He specializes in Systematic & Electronic Trading, Front Office Trading, Financial Technology, Quantitative Research and Capital Markets.

Joel works across the systematic and electronic trading space covering HFT, prop trading, algorithmic execution, Central Risk Book, Systematic Internalization and Quant Pricing and Research.

He consults the industry’s most senior global heads of business in the development of team construction, visions and marketing strategies. The GQR Systematic Trading team has been responsible for some of the most impactful market movements through talent acquisition. His commitment to fostering exceptional talent is evident through in-depth market knowledge, point of view and approach.

Joel graduated from King’s College London with a Bachelors in Philosophy. In his downtime he enjoys cooking, trying to cook, watching YouTube videos about cooking, and ultimately, dining out.

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