Forbes Names GQR One Of 2018's Best Recruiting Firms

Forbes Names GQR One Of 2018’s Best Recruiting Firms

April 18, 2018

GQR, an award-winning international talent acquisition and advisory firm, recently ranked #201 out of 14,500 total nominations on Forbes’ 2018 list of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms.

Forbes partnered with Statista, an online statistics, market research and business intelligence company to deploy 34,500 optional surveys across candidates, HR-managers and external recruiters. Candidates and HR-managers were asked to name and assess firms they know and have partnered with in the last three years.

Based on this criteria, candidates were asked to assess:

  • Quality and selection of offered positions
  • Quality of process
  • Quality of communication

HR-managers were asked to assess: 

  • Quality and selection of offered candidates and their fit within unique environments
  • Quality of process and communication
  • Understanding of unique company culture
  • Price-performance ratio for offered services

GQR’s ranking is a reflection of Forbes’ and Statista’s complex model which includes the number of nominations and recommendations received, paired with an assessment on various quality evaluation areas as provided by the group of participants.

“The [organic] nature of this award and recognition is a massive testament to our people and their expertise,” GQR co-founder and CEO Steven Talbot said. “Our collective purpose is to add value to our clients, candidates and global communities with the highest degree of quality. We are honored to see our mission realized and recognized by those who have leveraged our services and expertise currently and in the past.”

GQR was recently ranked 464 on Inc. Magazine’s 2017 Inc. 500 (and Inc. 5000) listing, which ranks the nation’s most prestigious and fastest-growing privately owned companies. The list, which came into inception in 1982, has featured companies such as Microsoft, Facebook and Under Armour in years past. GQR is the only human capital firm to make the list two years in a row (2016 and 2017) and has since seen recognitions from LinkedIn, HFM Week and CTA Intelligence for their contribution to the staffing and recruitment industry.


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Specialization. Collaboration. Globalization. These are the three pillars of GQR’s strategic approach.

We are highly specialized in sectors that define the next phase of innovation: capital, natural resources, time and life. By specializing in Banking & FinanceEnergy & EngineeringTechnology and Life Sciences, GQR adds value to the world by identifying talent that transcends boundaries.

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