[Industry Week] Changing Company Culture: It’s a Matter of Principles

[Industry Week] Changing Company Culture: It’s a Matter of Principles

May 8, 2018

Does your company culture need an upgrade? If there’s a disparity between its current state and the desired future state, a philosophical intervention may be needed.

Often, it goes deeper than how leaders behave. Moreover, efforts to rectify the behaviors to change the company culture may further frustrate employees.

The solution lies in creating a new, shared value set that sustains reliability in the organization. An example in a manufacturing organization goes as follows: Instead of fast repairs that return equipment to production, which leads to poor quality of work by technicians, companies should focus on a high degree of precision for repairs, which results in properly repaired equipment and technicians who develop a sense of pride in their work.

So, the first step is to discover what the current values are and the impact they have on the culture. The next step is to identify the desired future mindset and create those governing principles that empower the desired culture.

Learn more about what operating principles will drive the right values and behaviors, which will lead to healthy company culture.


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