People Intelligence

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On their own, analytics, employee engagement, candidate experience, personality profiling and employer branding are not new concepts.

To pursue something cutting-edge, GQR was motivated to develop a holistic program by strategically bringing these tools together to form its People Intelligence service. This service aims to become a resource for talent and employers alike, as there are mutual benefits from an intelligent professional match.

People Intelligence brings science, sentiment and marketing into the process to ensure the right match is made.

Boost Engagement

GQR analyzes strengths and growing edges in organizational culture and brand, and optimizes processes throughout the employee lifecycle with:

  • Recruitment Optimization
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Employer Branding Intelligence
  • Candidate Experience
  • Motivation, Engagement and Performance Culture Metrics

Respecting that an organization’s greatest asset is its people, GQR’s People Intelligence service seeks to understand individuals in a way that is empirical, meaningful and productive for the employer, employee and job seeker.

Our People Intelligence has the potential to shift current organizational paradigms and usher in a new, groundbreaking methodology.

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