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Our Banking & Finance consultants operate globally in dedicated market-focused teams and functional specialisms.

We represent elite financial organizations and proactively deliver the most qualified professionals for niche and difficult-to-fill roles unbounded by jurisdiction or time zone.

Banking & Finance Specialisms

Accounting & Finance
CFOs, Tax Directors, Fund Accountants, Controllers and Heads of FP&A
Private Banking & Wealth Management
Senior Private Bankers, Senior Credit Risk Managers and Wealth Management Associates
Investment & Advisory
CFOs, Investment Banking Analysts, Growth Equity Associates and L/S Analysts
Systematic & Electronic Trading
Machine Learning Researchers, Quantitative Analysts, Quantitative Portfolio Managers, Algorithmic Quant Analysts and Data Scientists

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Economic Research & Strategy
Global Credit Strategists, Equity Strategists, Credit Strategists, Economists and LATAM Economists
Front Office Trading, Quantitative Research & Advanced Analytics
Core Analytics Developers, Equity Directors, Exotic Derivatives Pricing Quants and FX Quants
Private Equity & M&A
Investment Bankers, Industrial Associates, Energy Associates, Health Care Associates and FIG Vice Presidents
Risk Management & Audit
Internal/External Auditing Managers, Expense Auditors, Risk Analysts and Risk Managers
Financial Technology
Data Engineers, FPGA Engineers, Quant Researchers, Machine Learning Engineers and DevOps Engineers
Capital Markets & Corporate Finance
Corporate Development Associates and Corporate Development Managers
Associates, General Council, Chief Compliance Officers, Associate General Council and Partners

Banking & Finance Team

Our Team

Connect with M&A, private equity, asset management and other GQR Banking & Finance experts.

Akay Bechet
Los Angeles
Anders Mogensen
Angelo Amenta
New York
Ara Ellison
Los Angeles
Aubrey Gasbarre
New York
Bryant Yao
New York
Cameron Marett
Caroline Zakariasen
Los Angeles
Georgia Kellett
Henry Booth
Jack Hayes
Joel Sichel
Los Angeles
Joshua Pollock
Los Angeles
Lachlan Moon
Luke Habersetzer
New York

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